About Us

M/s Natural Coir Industries was established in the month of December 2007 at VANCHIYAPURAM, POLLACHI for producing "white and brown Coir fibre and Coco peat" by processing "Coconut Husk" which is available freely in the area by utilizing the best manufacturing facilities. The Company uses decorticator for extracting Coir fibre from the Husk. The Coir fibre produced is being sold to Curled Coir rope manufacturing Units around Pollachi and to rubberized coir mattress manufacturing Units and Co-operative Societies in INDIA. The binding material that comes from the coconut husk during the process of producing Coir fibre is called "Coir pith" which is converted into valuable by-products called Coco peat blocks and Coir pith manure (CPOM).

Sister Concerns

The promoters also own a similar Unit in Pollachi by the name M/s Benlion Coir Industries. This company is engaged in manufacturing and supply of Coir Fiber (brown) and Curled Coir rope to reputed manufactures of rubberized coir mattresses and co-operative societies in India.

Both M/s Natural Coir Industries and M/s Benlion Coir Industries are known for their consistent quality in all of their products. The aim on the Units is to provide premium quality products to global customers as per their specific requirements. We are registered member of Coir Board, India (Approved by Government of India). Our factory is situated at Pollachi in Tamilnadu, India.

Both companies are employing highly skilled and experienced manpower and manufacture good quality of Coco peat blocks, Curled Coir rope and Coir Fiber - white and brown under strict supervision of qualified and experienced supervisors as per international standards at their fully mechanized manufacturing plant at Pollachi – Ciombatore

Our commitment:

  • Providing Premium Quality products.
  • Competitive Prices.
  • Strict Quality Control.
  • To Deliver on Time.
  • Modern Machineries.
  • Highly Qualified Staffs.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction.